Customer-led business success is tough

CX initiatives

CX Initiatives

82% fail or seriously underperform.

business process

Business process

31% fail to modify or align to customer journeys.

employee training

Employee buy in

31% do not buy into customer centric change despite evidence.

customer service

Misaligned to customer

30% report lack of alignment of change to customer.

Our mission is to tackle the state of CX Education

thinking and tech

Thinking and Techniques

Are you focusing on best practice or investing in next?



Is the CEO responsible for CX or is it part of traditional organisation structure?

customer culture

Customer Culture

Is everything you do aligned to the customer or does service excellence still prevail?

investment analysis


Are you investing more in education per capita than your competition?

business impact

Business Impact

Do you know the ROI for CX education? Why not?

Change is the end result of true learning.

– Leo Buscaglia

Learning Pyramid

Advanced corporate learning model designed to enhance, ingrain and reinforce inspirational learning:

Extended learning paths

Online training school to be used as an extension to face-to-face classroom sessions:

  • Online or consume when you want
  • Fully interactive for up to 50 participants
  • All functionality expect of advanced virtual classroom
  • Questions to test understanding
  • Material aligned to different learning styles
learning pyramid start

Extended learning paths

learning pyramid start

Knowledge base

Content repository containing all material relating to the workshops:

  • All training material
  • Delegate notes
  • Case studies
  • Recommended books
  • Video & podcasts
  • Interviews
  • White papers
  • Research
learning pyramid knowledge base

Knowledge base

Hone newly learnt skills & techniques:

  • Re-enforce learning
  • Worked examples with reasoning
  • Examples specific to company industry
  • Detailed explanation of methods
  • Tips and ideas to hone skills
  • Recommended Extended
  • Learning Paths
learning pyramid practice labs


Identify and bridge capability gaps:

  • Assess capability and benchmark against peers
  • Benchmarks possible from multiple perspectives
  • Gaps identify learner specific journeys
  • Iterative assessments creates learner capability the best it can be
  • Multiple assessments approaches
  • Aligned to latest L&D thinking in industry
learning pyramid assessments

Interactive workshops

Participative, inspirational, next practice:

  • Delivered by best-in-industry thought leaders and coaches
  • Highly interactive, valuable and fun
  • Case studies from multiple industries and geographies
  • Encourages move from traditional best practice to new next practice thinking
  • Immediately applicable back into your company
  • Certified and aligned to international qualifications
learning pyramid interactive workshops

Successful organisations of the future will put the customer at the heart of everything they do. 
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