Customer-led business success is tough.

CX initiatives

CX Initiatives

82% fail or seriously underperform.

business process

Business process

31% fail to modify or align to customer journeys.

employee training

Employee buy in

31% do not buy into customer centric change despite evidence.

customer service

Misaligned to customer

30% report lack of alignment of change to customer.

Our mission is to tackle the state of CX.

thinking and tech

Thinking and Techniques

Are you focusing on best practice or investing in next?



Is the CEO responsible for CX or is it part of traditional organisation structure?

customer culture

Customer Culture

Is everything you do aligned to the customer or does service excellence still prevail?

investment analysis


Are you investing more in education per capita than your competition?

business impact

Business Impact

Do you know the ROI for CX education? Why not?

Our Next Practice philosophy

Our Next Practice philosophy lies at the heart of our approach allowing us to draw on latest-generation methods and provocative thinking to push the boundaries of what’s possible for our members.

  • Outcome exploration: A powerful process of eliciting customer wants and needs that uncovers new opportunities often beyond what traditional approaches deliver.
  • Competitive edge-making: Sharpening your competitive edge by deriving and prioritising the outcomes that are relevant and critical for your customer.
  • Experience evolution: Creating a culture where empowered individuals and teams are the champions of customer-led experiences and outcomes.

From facilitated groups and community conversations through to small workshops and large conferences, we show you the tools and techniques to grow sales and returns by bringing customers to the heart of your business.

Empowering customer-led businesses for the future


Members gain access to Navigate CX, our proprietary ecosystem connecting  resources, practitioners & thought leadership to inspire ideas & new thinking.

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Events & Conferences

Join us for the E3 virtual CX Conference in October 2020. To download the full programme and take advantage of our earlybird offer, click on the link below.

Interactive Workshops

Masterclasses and workshops designed to provoke new thinking and explore how to produce successful outcomes for the people in and around your organisation.

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CXSA Centre of Knowledge

A wide range of resources and expert opinion and review supporting CX leaders & practitioners to leverage opportunities and solve challenges.

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Successful organisations of the future will put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

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