Meet The Founders

Charles Bennett, Kym Hamer and Hassan Mohammad are acknowledged experts and specialists in helping companies establish and accelerate the delivery of a truly customer-obsessed culture. Between us we offer a breadth of both operational and leadership experience alongside an in-depth knowledge of how the power of customer-centricity can transform businesses.

We’re passionate about what we do. We’re innovative and creative. We’re obsessed with everything to do with customers.

Charles Bennett

An acknowledged leader in customer-driven performance change, President & CEO Charles Bennett is also a Founding Board Member of the CXSA. With a hunger for new ideas, Charles strongly believes in passionate and inspirational business leadership which energises both organisations and individuals.

Charles has delivered transformation across 40 countries, multiple sectors and companies including Citibank, Nielsen, Microsoft, Vodafone & Tracker as well as governments in Middle East and Asia.

Charles’ purpose is to help companies build excited, entrepreneurial customer-centric cultures that transform business performance.

Hassan Mohammad

A Founding Board Member and Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer for the CXSA, Hassan has a proven track record in delivering CX transformation through capacity building and co-creation. He works at the forefront of innovation and has developed his approach over 10 years working with organisations globally across the Middle East and UK, and across multiple industries such healthcare, financial services, engineering and the public sector.

Hassan is a CXSA Master Champion, CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals’ Association) Recognised Trainer Provider (RTP) and CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional). He has also been nominated as a rising 30under30 CX superstar by CX Network and sits on the Leadership board as an Executive Director at the Customer Institute.

Hassan believes the GCC region has great potential to lead customer-centricity in innovation, design and delivery, and wants to contribute to what is the most exciting change initiative available to business leaders right now.

Kym Homer

Kym Hamer

An international business coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Kym is a Founding Board Member and Chief Customer and Strategy Officer for the CXSA.

With over 25 years in strategy, marketing, customer development and innovation working with companies ranging from FTSE100s to start-ups, Kym has a track record of delivering outstanding results across a breadth of sectors like FMCG, Consumer Goods, B2B, Travel, Leisure, Digital Media, Manufacturing and Education.

Kym is a coach and capability builder, showing organisations how to formulate strategy that is fit-for-purpose, get more high-value clients and deliver more revenue and profit. She is also a master storyteller and a leader in building authority, influence and collaboration as the essential building blocks in successful and sustained enterprise.

Successful organisations of the future will put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

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