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Creating a customer first legacy

Christian Dior’s customer-led approach created a poweful legacy

Visiting the DIOR: Designer of Dreams exhibition in London this month I was stunned by room after room of glorious couture. But what struck me even more was how Christian Dior’s legacy has continued to inspire and dominate the fashion world for over 7 decades.

In this short video I explore Dior’s vision and ethos and how he instilled them so deeply that 62 years after his death, the brand remains an iconic and global testament to elegance, confidence and style.

Kym Hamer

The Next Ten Years Managing Partner Kym Hamer is an International Business Coach with deep expertise in business strategy, marketing and customer-first proposition development for sales and profit growth. She’s delivered change across a wide range of organisations and sectors (including B2B, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Travel, Media and Education) and combines her collaborative, pragmatic style with an ability to create clarity and focus, engaging people in new thinking and embedding new initiatives as ongoing practice. Kym is also a speaker who inspires, creates momentum and brings clarity to new and complex ideas. Kym’s purpose is to help businesses to grow their reputation, revenue and profits with powerhouse positioning, an entrepreneurial mindset and supercharged storytelling.