Grateful for customer experience heroes

Grateful for customer experience heroes

When we launched The Petrova Experience, we did so with the words “in pursuit of customer happiness.” Pursuit of happiness is part of every interaction we have with our clients, partners and colleagues.

For this reason ans so many others, we are grateful to create customer experiences of the future with this mandate.

Unsung Heroes

In this spirit, we set out to find the individuals we call the Unsung Heroes of Customer Experience.

Real people inspire us every day by the ways they provide customer experience. We celebrate individuals who bring joy to customers of all walks of life. These are the Unsung Heroes of customer experience. They are cobblers and bartenders, childcare providers and neighborhood store owners.

And they make our lives better.

A Thankful Tribute

These individuals are the faces and the stories of customer experience. It is their stories that we are celebrating and learning from.

As a result, we made a film that is a tribute to them, to our industry, and to our goal of pursuing customer happiness in every corner of the world where customers are served.

What it Means to Be a Customer Experience Hero

For us, the customer experience hero is the person who connects with customers in a real and meaningful way. As one of our featured heroes explains, fundamentally, this means “treating the customer how I want to be treated.”

While that guiding principle may at first seem simple – even second nature – when we unpack that basic motivation, and explore the many ways that we can bring that desire to life through experience design and execution, we realize not only the complexities that we face, but the opportunities that arise to do more and to do it better. To shape a future in pursuit of customer happiness.

This article originally appeared on The Petrova Experience Blog.

Liliana Petrova

Liliana Petrova, CCXP is a visionary and a proven leader in the field of customer experience and innovation. Ms Petrova pioneered a new customer-centric culture, energizing the more than 15,000 JetBlue employees with her vision. She has been recognized for her JFK Lobby redesign and facial recognition program with awards from Future Travel Experience and Popular Science. Ms Petrova is committed to creating seamless, successful experiences for customers and delivering greater value for brands. In 2019, she founded an international customer experience consulting firm that helps brands improve their customer experience. To elevate the industry, her firm, The Petrova Experience, manages a digital membership for customer experience professionals to grow their CX careers and stay up-to-date with CX news and trends. Liliana lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and daughter. To learn more about The Petrova Experience story go to